What We Do

As a team we offer our collective experience in working with high-level talent market to provide executive solutions for our clients, regardless of whether they fall in the commercial, public or non-profit sector.

  • Our team is equipped with a deep understanding of our markets
  • We excel at finding, analysing and developing quality candidates
  • Our hiring track record, both as consultants and in-house, speaks volumes
  • We strive to improve leadership quality and capability though development of new strategies
  • Our expertise covers a wide range of sectors and roles
  • Most importantly, we are people-oriented and above all champion the needs of the client                                   

Executive Search

Goodson Thomas specialises in delivering end-to-end executive search assignments. We address each stage of the process with great attention to detail – from developing the brief and early negotiations to the placement of the chosen candidate, we are dedicated to finding the best talent to match our clients’ needs. We use a hands-on approach and direct interactions to uncover the individual who will fit your organisation not just in experience or skill, but also ensuring the right fit culturally and demonstrating adaptability to your industry. 

When searching for the ideal candidate to fill your role, we explore more than a particular skill set or certain work experience. We focus equally on personality – the ways in which they communicate, their manner and style, their values and people skills play as significant a role in our approach to talent acquisition. 

Investing in Goodson Thomas’ services is an investment in the future of your organisation – we guarantee professionalism and adaptability, saving the hassle and expense of ineffective hires.

Corporate Insight

We have adopted a flexible approach that is designed to meet the unique set of requirements of each of our clients. Employing strategic insight, we offer a variety of bespoke services that help tailor the future of your organisation.

Goodson Thomas’ services include:

  • Talent Reviews
  • Talent Evaluation
  • Succession Planning
  • Organisational Design, Reconfiguration and Reorganisation
  • Board Review
  • Equality & Diversity Strategies
  • Employee Engagement
  • Strategic Planning
  • Trends Identification
  • Employer Branding (employer of choice)
  • Reward & Compensation Evaluations
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Whether you are looking for support as a business, or would like to discuss your own career progression, please do contact us. We would love to hear from you.