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Brew Monday

Brew Monday

Monday 16th January 2023
Hannah Curtis

As many of you will know, the third Monday of the month of January has frequently been referred to as the most 'difficult day of the year', with the name 'Blue Monday' attached to it.

As the Samaritans rightly point out, we can all have bad days and good days and a date in the calendar doesn't dictate when they happen.

This is why the Samaritans encourage 'Brew Monday' on 16th January 2023 instead; where we can all make time for a catch up with others and really listen to what is being said.

At Goodson Thomas, we really enjoy our daily catch ups, which aren't always work-related. They are a great way of sharing how we feel each day, allowing us to get off our chests anything that has been on our minds.