Goodson Thomas: Our Process

Thursday 29th July 2021
Ross O'Keefe

The success of Goodson Thomas's end-to-end service is underpinned by a tenacious pursuit for quality and a robust process. These combined forces enable us to maximise value and exceed client and candidate expectations time and again. Senior Consultant Ross O'Keefe tells us more.

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Goodson Thomas extends its reach

Monday 19th July 2021

This week marks Goodson Thomas' seventh year delivering value to our clients and most recently, our busiest year during the most challenging time for us all globally. Whilst that in itself calls for us to proudly celebrate, we're also excited to announce that Principal Consultant Juliet Jukes will now be based in London, boosting our presence in the south east whilst also continuing to deliver for our existing network in Wales, the south west and the midlands. This decision responds to a growing demand for our services and increasing awareness of the quality-driven, tailored approach we take. During the pandemic, we made additional appointments to the team and will shortly be starting a new recruitment drive as we continue to…

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Talent Stories: Alex Currie, Vice President, People and Talent at GoCompare

Thursday 14th November 2019

In our Talent Stories series, we put some of Wales' most accomplished and successful executives under the spotlight, sharing their inspiring stories with you. This time we feature one of the brightest human resources professionals working in Wales today. Alex Currie describes himself as a "senior change agent and strategic facilitator" at GoCompare. Responsible for a workforce of 340 at a fast-growing multi-million-pound company, Alex is passionate about driving success through organisational values and people.  He's also a big fan of using Lego-based techniques to overcome challenges and resolve conflict - more on that later. Here, Alex shares the story of his stellar career to date.  Hi Alex. Can you give us a potted history of your career journey to date?  I can clearly remember choosing…

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Talent stories: Abi Harris, Executive Director of Strategic Planning, Cardiff and Vale University Health Board

Thursday 12th September 2019

In our #TalentStories series, we put some of Wales' most talented and successful executives under the spotlight, sharing their inspiring stories with you. First up is Plymouth-born Abigail Harris, one of the very few people to have worked at director level in the NHS, local and central Government in Wales. We worked with Abigail as a client, recruiting Programme Director Ed Hunt into her team. Abigail is responsible for strategic planning for Cardiff and Vale University Health Board, one of the largest NHS organisations in Europe. With a budget of £1.3 billion, a workforce of 14,500 and serving a population of 2.5 million, the health board is one of the best performing in Wales and regularly wins awards, commendations and research grants. Abigail…

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Talent stories: Alison Copus, Director of Communications and Engagement, Wales Millennium Centre

Thursday 8th August 2019

Here at Goodson Thomas, we love nothing more than placing a candidate in a role that is perfect for them and watching them shine. We have placed hundreds of talented senior executives and board members over the last four years, all with their own unique career stories and journeys. In a new series, we'll be putting some of these people under the spotlight, sharing their inspiring stories with you. First up is Alison Copus, an award-winning marketing senior executive, whose stellar career has taken her all over the world. From building Virgin Atlantic into one of the world's most admired brands to launching Tripadvisor, her CV glitters with global business success. Alison is now back in Wales, where she is Strategic Director of Communications…

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Succession planning: A guide

Thursday 18th July 2019

Businesses and public sector organisations are increasingly recognising the importance of succession planning, both within the senior executive team and at board level. We advise several clients on succession planning, and it is becoming more of a focus for ambitious organisations who want to future-proof their operations. Here we present the Goodson Thomas guide to everything you need to consider when it comes to future-proofing your organisation. Why do we need a succession plan? The skills, knowledge and experience required to steer an organisation effectively will inevitably change over time in response to market developments, opportunities and challenges. Board succession planning allows directors to match the organisation's future needs based on the long-term vision with the best-qualified directors. Taking a long-term, strategic approach to your…

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How to approach diversity in your business

Wednesday 19th June 2019
Sian Goodson

Diversity makes clear business sense, yet many companies still haven't woken up to the benefits of diversity, and too many sectors are woefully behind when it comes to ensuring their workforce represents the people they serve.  It's important to remember that diversity comes in many forms, not just gender, age or physical ability. The most successful firms have a variety of different perspectives and mindsets in their teams; achieving this means being creative in the way you approach your talent recruitment and retention strategy. Here are some strategies to help you ensure you have a more diverse workforce and senior team. 1. Have an equal opportunities policy in place An equal opportunities policy sets out your organisation's commitment to fairness and states how you will deal…

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Thinking Outside the Box When Hiring

Thursday 13th December 2018

The millennial workforce is definitely not an easy one to please. With employee retention rate lower than ever before, and the modern worker being completely unafraid to leave a steady job in search of better opportunities and a more appreciative work environment, it's no wonder that modern entrepreneurs and business leaders are struggling. In an extremely competitive job market, managers are having a difficult time finding, attracting, and keeping top talent in the industry from leaving the company for an appealing counter-offer, but that is just a single problem the modern business leader has to face. Here is why it's important to think outside the box when looking for new team members and how to successfully effectuate the strategy. Give everyone a…

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The importance of adapting and connecting in the workplace

Friday 7th December 2018

"We don't see the world as it is, we see it as we are," Anaïs Nin once wrote. One place where it is especially apparent that people hold different perspectives of the world and themselves is in the workplace. By learning to view the world through different perspectives, and being open to adjusting our behaviour, each of us can better adapt, connect, lead others more effectively and work better in teams. Whether you are an HR leader, manager or work within a team, here are some tips on how to better understand your colleagues and build a foundation for success. Do some detective work Like a detective, take the time to spot clues about others' preferences on your team by observing their body language,…

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How successful CEOs manage their time

Wednesday 21st November 2018

For all the power CEOs wield, they can't add hours on the clock or days to the calendar. Yet everyone wants a piece of them: Leadership teams, senior managers, rank-and-file workers, customers, board members, investors, outside groups, the media. And they want their attention face-to-face, on email, by text and by phone, even on weekends and vacations. Add to those demands CEOs' personal needs — for rest, relaxation, time with family, exercise and doctor appointments. That's why those running companies have to be very discerning in how they use their hours. Those who do it best are "rock solid clear about what should get their time. They do not have time siphoned away by tasks, meetings and commitments that should really be met by…

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